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The full report is an 87-slide deck that provides a complete overview of Midan’s December 2016 Meat Segmentation Research study. Midan wanted to learn more about the different types of consumer segments that exist in today’s U.S. meat market. We surveyed 2,200 meat eaters using a comprehensive questionnaire aimed at capturing self-reported attitudes and behaviors surrounding meat purchasing and preparation.

The results yielded six distinct segments of meat consumers. We developed a unique profile of each segment that offers a multi-dimensional view of its meat purchase drivers and shopping habits.

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Report Benefits

For packer/processors and retailers, this in-depth analysis can have important applications for product development, labeling, messaging, merchandising and more. Our deep-dive into these consumer segments can help you zero in on who your customers are and target them based on their reported attitudes, perceptions and behaviors.

Custom Report Options

Customized Questionnaire

Midan can customize a segmentation survey to apply to any customer database or sample you choose, and then compare the results to our baseline segmentation research. This assessment delivers relevant benchmarks for your specific customer base and allows you to more effectively target their needs. Please contact us to learn more about a customized segmentation project.

Topic Reports

Please contact us to learn more about customized topic reports on a number of key industry initiatives, including:

• Grass-Fed

• Organic/Natural

• Antibiotic-Free/NAE

• Cage-Free

• Sustainability

• GMOs

• Hispanic Consumers

• Millennials vs. Boomers

• Formats Shopped

• Consumer Journey (Pre- and In-Store Drivers and Implications)

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